[Gdal-dev] problem/bug about GDAL

wjimage at sohu.com wjimage at sohu.com
Mon Sep 27 22:23:14 EDT 2004

I'm regret to refer some bugs of GDAL through email but not bbs because I haven't receive the password email of my account.

I have developed a FFT program based on GDAL,when read the geo. infomation using GetProjectionRef,it's ok, then i write it to the result file,the function return CE_None(read the geo. infomation immediatelly to another char * variable, it's ok,except that UTM is known as unnamed (why?,ERDAS img format)),but in the ERDAS system, the geo. information is NULL. In fact ,the geo. information is NULL when i use the output file of previous result as the input file.
That means, the geo. information can't be written(i have tried GTiff and HFA)! Another bug: the input file and the output file is upside-down when using HFA format!

waiting for your answer.


wu jun

attatch of src code

if( (strGeoRef = pSrcDataset->GetProjectionRef()) != NULL && strlen(strGeoRef)>0 )
      if( CE_None == pDstDataset->SetProjection( strGeoRef ) )
        tGeo = pDstDataset->GetProjectionRef();

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