[Gdal-dev] GDAL 1.2.3 Formally Released

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Sep 29 09:41:03 EDT 2004


Ben reminded me I didn't formally announce the 1.2.3 release.  After a couple
small patches from the release candidate I have published a formal 1.2.3
release as of Sunday or so.  Note that 1.2.3 is essentially just a bug fix

GDAL 1.2.3 - Overview of Changes

GeoTIFF Driver:
     - Fixed many missing compression codecs when built with the internal
     - Modified driver metadata to only list available compression types.

DODS Driver:
     - Added support for OPeNDAP version after 3.4.x (use of opendap-config).

GRASS Driver:
     - Fixed support for building with grass57.

MrSID Driver:
     - Fixed support for MrSID Encoding SDK.

NITF Driver:
     - Fixed serious bug with non-square output files.

OGR 1.2.3 - Overview of Changes

     - Corrected memory leaks - OSRCleanup() cleans up temporary tables.
     - Fixed build problem with ogrct.cpp on Solaris.

TIGER Driver:
     - Improved generality of support for GDT files.

     - Added getArea() method for rings, polygons and multipolygons.

The 1.2.3 source may be downloaded from:


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