[Gdal-dev] configure.in tweaks for MrSID and Kakadu

Kenneth Melero kmelero at sanz.com
Sat Apr 2 13:24:56 EST 2005


2 tweaks to your configure.in for MrSID and Kakadu support.

Line 918:

  LIBS="$LIBS -L$with_kakadu/lib -lkdu"

Line 984:

  LIBS="-L$with_mrsid/3rd-party/lib/Release -lltiesdk $LIBS -lcryptopp"

On Kakadu it needed the lib path and on the MrSID the libs were in the wrong

I was going to check them in myself but wasn't sure if you were making
modifications...didn't want to mess anything up.  So, please apply them to
the CVS baseline.


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