[Gdal-dev] Kakadu and MrSID conflict

Kenneth Melero kmelero at sanz.com
Thu Apr 7 17:45:50 EDT 2005

That's great Julien.  I would not recommend leaving the Kakadu definition on
if you are using only MrSID.  This could cause problems.

Take Care,

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In fact finally I have successfully compiled GDAL with last Kakadu and last 
MrSID DSDK ; JP2 with Kakadu and seems work well, MrSID files too, but I 
don't know for JP2 MrSID because for JP2 Kakadu is always selected. I still
have the "ld: warning: symbol `kdu_compressed_target virtual table' 
has differing s
         (file ./frmts/o/jp2.o value=0x40; file /project/openev/solaris/Ge
o_DSDK- value=0x30);
         ./frmts/o/jp2.o definition taken"
but as the Kakadu jp2.o is selected and I use only Kakadu for JP2 I think 
there isn't any pb.*



At 18:36 06/04/2005, Kenneth Melero wrote:

>Unfortunately there is no fix for the moment with configuring both 
>MrSID and Kakadu at the same time other than obtaining a MrSID release 
>from Lizrdtech that does not contain Kakadu in its internal libraries.
>To turn on MrSID SDK for both .sid and .jp2 files read this previous 
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>On Apr 6, 2005 3:32 AM, Julien Demaria <dem at acri-st.fr> wrote:
> > I found that last MrSID DSDK is Kakadu v4.2 based ; so I'll try to 
> > downgrade my Kakadu to v4.2...
> >
> > Are there solutions to this conflicts ?
>The only "solution" I am aware of is to drop the Kakadu out of the 
>build, and depend on the MrSID driver for JPEG2000 support.  However, I 
>am not sure if the GDAL MrSID code is really setup properly to handle 
>JPEG2000.  In fact, I haven't personally run into this yet since I 
>don't normally build with the MrSID SDK.
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