[Gdal-dev] question about AsciiGrid

jluis at ualg.pt jluis at ualg.pt
Fri Apr 15 12:44:35 EDT 2005

Quoting Frank Warmerdam <fwarmerdam at gmail.com>:

> In general GDAL strictly uses a "pixel is area" view of raster data,
> and the geotransform origin is the top left corner of the top left
> pixel.  Adjustments are made in drivers for formats that take
> different interpretations to convert stuff to the GDAL view.
> If you would like, we could add a metadata item for GDALDatasets
> that indicates whether the underlying format considered the pixel
> values point postings or area values if that would help ... and then
> add this to formats as needed

I think this is closly related to my early post


The metadata solution seams a good idea to solve this grid vs pixel 
or "pixel is area" vs "pixel is point" issue.


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