[Gdal-dev] question about AsciiGrid

jluis at ualg.pt jluis at ualg.pt
Fri Apr 15 14:26:28 EDT 2005

> Joaquim,
> But I think in the case of your post, the netCDF driver has failed to
> "adjust" things to the GDAL pixel-is-area model properly because I didn't
> realize the netCDF was pixel-is-point.  The important part to solve that
> problem is to fix the driver to adjust the extents properly.   As a secondary
> issue, the driver could return metadata indicating if the pixels should be
> interpreted as points or areas.

The point with GMT grids (but it doesn't restrict only to them) is that grids
can have both models. That's what GMT calls the grid and pixel registration.
The information on which model is used is contained in the GMT header
"Normal node registration used" for grid registration, or pixel-is-point,
and "Pixel node registration" (I think) in the other case.

> BTW, I don't remember fixing this netCDF problem, and I don't recall
> seeing a corresponding bugzilla report.  If you don't submit a bugzilla
> report it is highly likely that this will fade into my email box again and
> never get fixed.  Of course, even with a bugzilla entry it might not get
> fixed for a while, but I expect to be back working on the netcdf support
> at some point.

Yes, I did and saw it there a couple of weeks ago.


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