[Gdal-dev] Link errors with Ilwis in MS dotnet SDK

Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Sun Apr 17 20:04:11 EDT 2005


Thanks for that explanation. I'll give compiling php_mapscript a shot (even
if it's a long one).


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On 4/14/05, Delfos, Jacob <jacob.delfos at maunsell.com> wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> I'm using:
> - Microsoft .NET SDK (which contains the core items such as nmake)
> - Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows XP SP2
> - microsoft Server 2003 PSDK
> - Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
> I know it seems weird, just that neither one of these SDK's contains all
> utilities/files required to compile. It's a nightmare of
> .h, .obj, .exe and .lib files. Took me many days to sort out. I don't
> you if you wouldn't want to tune gdal to it.


Well, I would like things to work smoothly with visual studio .NET 2003,
but without it this can be hard. 
> I did a clean compile (using the original package files), but Ilwis still
> wouldn't work. But without Ilwis, gdal compiles and links completely
> making the python dir a non-existing one). The executables in "apps" work
> fine with the new gdal12.dll. But php_mapscript (versions 42 and 44)
> like the dll. Although when I compiled gdal125, php_mapscript worked fine
> with it. Has anything changed? Can gdal normally be compiled independently
> from php_mapscript?

My understanding is that php_mapscript would normally have C++ OGR
calls which have very specific signatures.  You cannot generally use
a different version of gdal12.dll with it, because these signatures change
fairly frequently ... often for "const correctness" changes.  In short,
that depends on the C++ API of OGR (or GDAL) will tend to be "version
fragile".   I would eventually like to migrate MapServer to use the OGR C 
API which doesn't generally have this problem, but I haven't had time 
so far. 

So, I think you are basically out of luck replacing a GDAL 1.2.5
DLL with a newer one for use with php_mapscript.  You either need
to build php_mapscript yourself (likely quite a job) or gently / financially
encourage DM Solutions to produce a more current build of the full

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