[Gdal-dev] Error in reading gtiff from ERDAS Imagine

Juan Cicuéndez jicicuendez at gmv.es
Fri Jun 10 08:12:56 EDT 2005

Hi everybody,

I am trying to write 1 band DEMS files into a tiff files. Even though the image 
looks ok in pci geomatics and ENVI, it is not possible to load it on ERDAS. 
ERDAS takes de image as 3 band rather of just 1 and when loads the image it 
can't find the band 3. In the past I was using the same code to generate colour 
coded tiff and I had no problems with gdal vs 1.2.1. Now I am on 1.2.6 and I 
was using the option:

status = GDALSetMetadataItem( poDriver, "INTERLEAVE", "PIXEL", "" );

Has anyone bumped into this problem? Any advise will most appreciated.


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