[Gdal-dev] Pb with CreateCopy from a BMP to MEM

Mario Beauchamp starged at videotron.ca
Thu Jun 16 23:40:23 EDT 2005

Salut Stephane,

Stephane Routelous wrote:

> Hi Mailing List,
> I found a problem (?) in GDAL 1.2.6
> I'm create a copy of an image in memory (I tested BMP -> MEM)
> The problem is that if I don't specify FlushCache to a band, the
> ReadBlock return a empty (zero-ed) buffer
> To reproduce, run the following code with commenting out the
> "poBand->FlushCache();" line

I think FlushCache() is needed only when you write to disk, which is of course not the case for 
a MEM dataset. BTW, I have ran into probs with MEM and GDAL Python (should we call it pyGDAL?): 
in OpenEV, removing a MEM layer does not free its memory... have you observed this in C? Or it 
may be OpenEV related only...

> Stephane Routelous
> http://www.exotk.org

Visited... I thought I was the only GDALer in Montreal! :)

A la prochaine!
Mario B.

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