[Gdal-dev] JP2 with MrSid

Simpson asimpson at i-55.com
Wed Mar 16 10:20:32 EST 2005


Jasper is slow and Kakadu is cost prohibitive.
I guess I'll have to revert back to an earlier release, which is unfortunate
since the latest MrSid code rendering rate of sid files is outstanding.
Should I consider converting all jp2's to a more useable format, or is this
just a temporary condition.


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Actually MrSID JP2 support is currently commented out.  This was because it
was conflicting with the Kakadu JP2 library and I was trying to figure this
out before turning it back on.  I would suggest using either Jasper or
Kakadu to support your requirements at the moment.


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I installed the latest GDAL and MrSid, and am having trouble getting the
command line utilities to work with JP2 files.

#gdalinfo dq2807ne.jp2
> ERROR 1: MrSIDDataset::Open(): Failed to open file dq2807ne.jp2
> GDALOpen failed - 1
> MrSIDDataset::Open(): Failed to open file dq2807ne.jp2

The file is from the dq2807.zip archive from

GDAL      --->  GDAL, released 2005/03/13

MRSID sdk --->  Geo_DSDK-

OS        --->  Linux 2.4.20-20.8

Thanks for any suggestions,

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