[Gdal-dev] ogr2ogr and the MapInfo and PostGIS drivers

Rhys Ickeringill rhysi at omnilink.com.au
Wed Mar 16 21:03:38 EST 2005

Hi List,

There seems to be no documentation defining the "format specific" data
source and layer creation options for the OGR MapInfo driver. Am I correct
in assuming there are none?

Hunting around in the OGR source (looking for the above) I also noted an
undocumented "-nlt" option for ogr2ogr that seems to allow me to do what I
need (create a PostGIS layer with a manually specified type). Should it not
be used? Is there an "official" way to do this?

Finally, does the MapInfo driver make use of index files (*.ind) created by
MapInfo Pro? Are there other ways to speed up MapServer's rendering of
layers which use the OGR MapInfo driver?

eg. I have the MapServer layer definition (irrelevant directives removed):

    TYPE line
    CONNECTION roads.tab
    DATA "select * from roads where roadtype = 1"

Given that roads.tab is BIG, is there some way I can speed up the rendering
of this layer? Or is pre-splitting roads.tab into multiple files based on
the roadtype attribute going to be the best option?



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