[Gdal-dev] New apps to use GDAL in Mac OS X

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Wed Mar 23 11:01:32 EST 2005

Hi all

I've built some new apps to manage GDAL in Mac OS X. These apps are 
included in Grass 6 for Mac OS X.

Download at: http://wwwamb.bologna.enea.it/forgrass/

The software is :
Grass 6 (Grass-OSX-6.0.0-1.dmg - 52.6 MB)
and it includes libraries (GDAL 1.2.6 with Grass support, PROJ, 
etc.), grass application vers. 6.0.0, docs, visual tutorial, links 
and Extra software

Grass 6 HAS A NEW AQUA INTERFACE (much more Mac OS X application). It 
contains 35 pages of visual tutorial and other 30 pages to know Grass 
6 and libraries.

Exclusive for Mac OS X is Extra folder that contains 10 small apps 
built with an incredible tool: OnMyCommand 
(http://free.abracode.com/cmworkshop/on_my_command.html). These apps 
enhance GIS Use on Mac OS X. Many of them use GDAL bin installed from 
Grass libraries.
Example: drag and drop to convert a vector file (shp to dgn or 
other), drag and drop to convert a raster format, drag and drop to 
view all informations about a geo raster file, etc. The use of GDAL 
is very easy now. It's possible to built easily own app: read the doc 


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