[Gdal-dev] VSI file open/close issue

Frederic Claudel frederic.claudel at magellium.fr
Fri Aug 25 09:03:31 EDT 2006

When using VSI* or VSI*L functions, it seems impossible to mix both, which
means opening a file using VSIFOpen then closing it with VSIFCloseL.

Hence my question : how can I tell them apart ? In a new GDAL driver where I
need to open lots of datasets, I'd like to re-use the opened file descriptor
included in GDALOpenInfo to avoid unnecessary IO.

But that file descriptor can be opened by either of VSIFOpen or VSIFOpenL
(when VSIFOpen fails) - by the way it's always closed using VSIFClose
Should I use a RTTI function to guess the actual type?

Frederic Claudel

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Thanks Frank,

I had a quick look at getting the IRC client to go, but our work proxy can
be a bit difficult to get around.
I will have a look at getting access via SSH, again this is usually not
permitted because of security concerns. Perhaps if I could give them a
specific client address, and then decide on a time window to allow you
"through" our firewall we could have more success.
I suspect that we have everything needed to do a successful build, but I am
not entirely sure of what order things should be in. The 32 vs 64 bit build
is puzzling me as to which PATH and LD_LIBRARY settings are needed plus
which system wide settings should apply.
I've had success in the past in building ECW as a separate (standalone)
entity, but not in getting it to link-in with GDAL. I've also managed to get
an older version of GDAL (v1.2) working. Bugger me if I can remember how I
did it now !
I'll contact our network people and see if I can get access via SSH granted.


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> Shaun Kolomeitz wrote:
> > After months of searching, hacking and many hundreds of 
> compile attempts I am still unable to successfully get GDAL 
> to compile on a SPARC/Solaris 10 environment. No amount of 
> searching lists and getting obscure possible fixes has worked.
> > My original aim was to get GDAL with ECW compiled and 
> going, but for now I'd even settle for just Geotiff, HFA and 
> JPEG. I'll just have to use WindoZe to do any other conversions.
> > Would someone mind sending me some settings from their 
> working GDAL sparc/Solaris X configurations ?
> > Stuff like the system wide "crle", PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
> settings for compilation and the versions of GCC/etc that 
> actually work.
> > Any other suggestions that might help me get this going 
> would be most welcome.
> Shaun,
> Perhaps it would be best to try and meet in IRC (#gdal on 
> irc.freenode.net)
> to try and debug your build problems on Solaris.  
> Alternatively, if you can
> provide temporary ssh access to me, I could likely build it.
> I don't think there should be any great difficulty in 
> building on Solaris
> as long as reasonably functional tool chain is available.  I 
> would hesitate
> to take on building the ECW libraries there though.  I'm sure 
> it is possible,
> but perhaps not easy.
> Best regards,
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