[Gdal-dev] RFC 3: GDAL Commiter Guildlines

Marek Brudka mbrudka at aster.pl
Wed Nov 1 12:10:54 EST 2006

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> "New features or significant changes to existing source code should 
>> be commited to separate private branches. Merging to the main trunk 
>> is allowed only after testing them by separate developers on various 
>> platforms."
> It was not my intention by the original paragraph to imply that the 
> software
> builds at all moments.  That is, I anticipated people commiting the code
> when they are somewhat sure it works, and then promptly testing it on
> other platforms from source control (as the buildbots do).  
Please notice, you introduce a transient state of svn repo when writing:
> The point being that if they commit something wrong, they should 
> discover this soon
> and have it fixed (say within an hour).  Rather than just waiting till
> other developers update and complain.
SVN ensures atomic commits, hence it is rather silly to allow such 
transient states.
It is better to state that the main trunk is at least compilable all the 
time rather usually.
> If this aspect was unclear, and the PMC wishes, I can try and clarify 
> this
> in the text as an editorial clarification.
> I'm personally not yet comfortable with this concept of private working
> branches, and as such do not wish to incorporate their use into our 
> documents
> as standard practice.
But you should, as this is important part of developement process. 
Private branches are good and *working* way to moderate  interactions 
between developers.
>    I would agree that the "buildability" requirement
> applies only to important public branches (ie. trunk and stable 
> branches).
> PS. The RFC was adopted.  I'd rather not re-open the issue for other than
> editorial changes unless the need is fairly compelling. 
As usual Frank. When you lack arguments you choose force solutions.


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