[Gdal-dev] gdalwarp to merge several images

Nicolas Ribot nicky666 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 12:09:31 EST 2006


Refering to my previous post concerning gdal_merge.py, I now try to
use gdalwarp to warp several input images to produce one target image.
This target image is only a subset (a crop) of the the input images.

I noticed that when I call gdalwarp with several files, it reprojects
all of them even if they don't overlap (after transformation) the
target file bbox, leading to a very slow command when input files are
big (1 Go each).

In my script, I wrote a test to exclude from input images all the
images that don't intersect my target image (after having transformed
bbox in the same system)

Is there a way to do it automatically with gdalwarp ?


(by the way, Franck, I did not find the post about gdalwarp and
merging in lists archives)

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