[Gdal-dev] Compiling GDAL/OGR for C#

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 05:40:00 EST 2006


At first you should compile gdal with the desired options.
After compiling gdal, step into the gdal /swig/csharp directory and use:

1. nmake -f makefile.vc interface
2. nmake -f makefile.vc
3. nmake -f makefile.vc test

The latter will run the sample applications. These apps would show you how to
use the OGR libraries.

You should use the latest CVS version.

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2006/11/6, Mir Hassan Ali <mirhassanali at gmail.com>:
> Hi
> I am new to the GDAL/OGR development. I want to read MapInfo/ESRI files from
> my application in C#. Please can anyone guide me in the right direction so
> that I can compile GDAL/OGR for C# and use it in my application. Any help
> will be highly appreciated.
> Best Regards
> Mir Hassan Ali
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