[Gdal-dev] GDAL building for Windows CE

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Mon Nov 6 07:39:22 EST 2006

kiruba nantham wrote:
> Hai Frank,
>     I am kiruba, i had completed my s57 file reader(ENC file format)
> sucessfully.


S57 driver is not available for Windows CE yet.

>     Now i am trying to build *gdal13.dll* to work for pocket PC
> 2003(*WINDOWS CE*)  but i am getting following errors.

What GDAL version do you use?
There are some issues in 1.3.2, so it's recommended to use GDAL from CVS
to build it for Windows CE.

>        1) When i am compiling from command prompt i am able to set
> environment
>            and  i checked for *Platform*  and *OSVersion* as you
> explained i am
>            getting same that is *POCKET PC 2003* and *WCE420*. but when i am
>            doing *nmake /f makefile.evc4 *i am getting this errors.
>                         cannot open include file windows.h
>                         cannot open include file stdio.h 

You've likely not configure your environment as described in secton
"Building GDAL port using eVC++ and makefiles", step 2nd, in this howto

>        2)Then i tried to build evc4_gdalce_dll.vcw *using embedded VC++ 4.0*
>           i was getting around 95 errors. after including paths finally
> i am getting
>           22 errors, some errors are
>             i)  error C2065: 'wce_findfirst' : undeclared identifier.
>             ii) error C2065: 'wce_findnext' : undeclared identifier. 
> *etc... *
>         i attached the full error report with this mail, if it is
> possible check this out.

This is one of the issues I mentioned, so GDAL CVS is recommended.
While GDAL 1.3.2 was releasing, in port for Windows CE functions naming
has changed, the wce_ prefix was changed to wceex_ because of names
clashes with MFC functions.
For Windows CE port, GDAL 1.3.2 should be considered as alpha version.
So, please use GDAL from CVS.

Mateusz Loskot

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