[Gdal-dev] geod: azimuth to degrees

Charlton Purvis cplist at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 6 10:15:43 EST 2006

Hey, Jesse:

> I think you've already got what you need?  Geod outputs an azimuth, then
> a back azimuth, followed by distance.  The two azimuths are different

Yes, it was an i d 10 t error, for sure.  Even though I poured over the man
page over and over again, I thought the 1st two #'s were part of a lon,lat
pair.  So the rest of the time I just spent slamming my head against the

> I've been using the perl Math::Trig module to do something similar and
> it works pretty well so far.  Might give geod a try to compare my
> results now though...

I'm good to go now!  I had been using PostGIS's azimuth w/ great results and
I wanted to avoid calling the db for each of these computations.  I, too,
have noticed very small % differences among the results, but they are well
w/i our tolerance.

Thanks, all!


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