[Gdal-dev] Motion: Adopt OSGeo Project Sponsorship Program

Howard Butler hobu at iastate.edu
Mon Nov 6 15:30:21 EST 2006

+1 on joining the OSGeo Project Sponsorship program.

I hereby move that any disbursements of project sponsorship funds be 
accompanied by a motion to the PSC.

I hereby move that all motions to the PSC be documented on a page on 
the website for historical and accounting reasons and to pluck them 
out of the rigamarole of day-to-day list traffic.


At 01:02 PM 11/6/2006, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>GDAL/OGR PSC Members,
>I hearby motion for the GDAL/OGR Project to join the OSGeo Project
>Sponsorship program described at:
>   http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Project_Sponsorship
>I am attaching the public web page I would publish describing GDAL/OGR
>sponsorship if the motion is adopted.
>Voting will be open till 2:00pm EST on Wednesday.
>Best regards,
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>light and sound - activate the windows | http://pobox.com/~warmerdam
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>Sponsoring GDAL/OGR
>Development and maintenance of GDAL/OGR is supported by 
>organizations contracting developers, organizations contributing 
>improvements, users contributing improvements, and volunteers. 
>Generally speaking this works well, and GDAL/OGR has improved 
>substantially over the years.
>However, there are still many tasks which do not receive the 
>attention they should. Processing bug reports, writing 
>documentation, writing test scripts, evaluating test script failures 
>and user support often receive less attention than would be desired. 
>Some new features of broad interest are not implemented because they 
>aren't important enough to any one person or organization.
>In order to provide sustained funding to support the maintenance, 
>improvement and promotion of the GDAL/OGR project, the project seeks 
>project sponsors to provide financial support. Sponsorship would be 
>accomplished via the 
><http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Project_Sponsorship>OSGeo Project 
>Sponsorship program. Funds are held by OSGeo for disposition on 
>behalf of the project, and dispersed at the discretion of the 
>GDAL/OGR Project Steering Committee.
>Sponsorship Uses
>The primary intended use of the sponsorship funds is to hire a 
>maintainer on a contract basis. The responsibilities would include:
>    * Addressing bug reports - reproducing then fixing or passing on 
> to another developer.
>    * Extending, and running the test suite.
>    * Improving documentation.
>    * Other improvements to the software.
>    * General user support on the mailing list.
>Sponsorship funds may also be used to contract for specific 
>improvements to GDAL, provision of resources such as web hosting, 
>funding code sprints, or funding project promotion. Decisions on 
>spending of sponsorship funds will be made by the GDAL/OGR Project 
>Steering Committee.
>Sponsorship Benefits
>Sponsoring GDAL/OGR provides the following benefits:
>    * Ensures the sustainability and health of the GDAL/OGR project.
>    * All sponsors will be listed on the project 
> <credits.htm>Credits page, ordered by contribution class (Platinum, 
> Gold, Silver) with a link back to the sponsor. Silver sponsors and 
> above may include a logo. Platinum sponsors may also have a logo 
> appearing on the OSGeo main page.
>    * Sponsors will be permitted to indicate they are project 
> sponsors in web and other promotional materials, and use the GDAL/OGR logo.
>    * Sponsors will received a degree of priority in processing of 
> bug reports by any maintainer hired with sponsorship funds.
>    * Sponsors will receive a detailed report annually on the use of 
> sponsorship funds.
>Sponsorship Process
>Sponsors can sponsor GDAL for any amount of money of at least $500 
>USD. At or above the following levels a sponsor will be designated 
>as being one of the following class:
>    * $27000+ USD: Platinum Sponsor
>    * $9000+ USD: Gold Sponsor
>    * $3000+ USD: Silver Sponsor
>Sponsorships last one year, after which they may be continuing with 
>a new payment, or allowed to lapse. OSGeo is a US 501(c)3 charity 
>and sponsorships are eligible as a charitable contribution for US 
>taxpayers. Appropriate receipts can be issued when needed.
>Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring the GDAL/OGR 
>project should contact Frank Warmerdam 
>(<mailto:warmerdam at pobox.com>warmerdam at pobox.com) with questions, or 
>to make arrangements.
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