[Gdal-dev] Release 1.4.0

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Nov 14 12:33:44 EST 2006

Frédéric Trastour wrote:
> Hello,
>> Following up on Ari's suggestion, I'd like to plan on a new GDAL release
>> by mid December, perhaps with a first official beta December 1st.
>> What work are people hoping to get into a next GDAL release?
> The GDAL ecw driver uses the default 'maximum cache size' value which is 1/4 of RAM.
> In some applications it should be nice to be able to specify the amount of memory dedicated to the ECW cache.
> The maximum size of the cache can be controlled using
> NCSecwSetConfig(NCSCFG_CACHE_MAXMEM, <size in bytes>);
> Perhaps a configuration option should be used for that.
> The option could be be processed during the driver registration.
> void GDALRegister_ECW()
> {
> #ifdef FRMT_ecw
>     GDALDriver *poDriver;
>     if( GDALGetDriverByName( "ECW" ) == NULL )
>     {
>         // Is a Maximum cache size specified in the options ?
>        //
>         char *szEcwCacheSize = CPLGetConfigOption( "GDAL_ECW_CACHE_MAXMEM", "USE_DEFAULT") ;
>         if( ! EQUAL( szEcwCacheSize , "USE_DEFAULT" )
>             NCSecwSetConfig(NCSCFG_CACHE_MAXMEM, atoi(szEcwCacheSize) );


I have applied this change, but I put it in the ECWInitialize() function
(which is called for use of the SDK for either ecw or jpeg2000 files).
I haven't yet tested it.  What units is the NCSCFG_CACHE_MAXMEM?  Bytes?
I would like to document this in the appropriate driver pages.

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