[Gdal-dev] Newbie Question - setting projection when using ogr2ogr utility

Barnaby Burman barnaby.burman at ntlworld.com
Tue Nov 14 18:35:09 EST 2006


I am new to using org2ogr, and wish to use it to translate some ArcView
Shape files into MapInfo Table format. The translation works fine when using
the standard commands, but I want to set the projection to OSGB 1936.

At present, I'm quite stuck on the setting the projection type using SRS -
has anyone got an idea as to how this can be set?

This works example string works for the conversion, but doesn't set the

ogr2ogr -f "MapInfo File" -select XSP r1-xsp.tab r1-xsp.shp

Thanks if anyone can be of assistance,


Barnaby Burman

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