[Gdal-dev] Re: Problem : Building GDAL for windows CE

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Sun Nov 19 12:07:10 EST 2006

kiruba nantham wrote:
> Hello Mr. Mateusz, I hope you are busy but you helped me a lot Thank 
> you very much. Even I built gdal-cvs-2006.11.16. without out any 
> error  but I am getting around 160 warnings saying what I said in 
> last mail and also Only in these two file and at these two lines 
> (cpl_string.h(211), xstring(724) ) after same warnings are repeating.

Have you installed STLport?
I recommend it in README file, point 5, because STLport is much better
and complete implementation of STL than the one shipped with eVC++.

5. I also recommend to use STLport
Here is some introduction:
it refers to my article on http://www.pocketpcdn.com

With eVC++, I *never* use Microsoft's STL, because it's a real crap
and I always use STLport. The sitaution is better with Visual C++ 8.0,
where STL (and C++ Standard Library) is in much better shape.

> But this dll is not working on my device. Ok let me ask our *gdal 
> group*, whether any of them built gdal using EVC++ 4.0.

BTW, eVC++ is very old compiler, it's from 1998, so I strongly
recommend to move to Visual C++ 8.0.

I'm also going to move completely to Visual C++ 8.0, so I'm inclined to
say I won't be able to maintain eVC++ projects, unless I have some free
Windows box where I can install eVC++ (I'm nervous about mesing my
Windows workstation with eVC++, because I prefer to keep its environment

Recently, I've been working on Unit Test Suite for Windows CE,
so in more than a week it should be published.
Currently, I compile GDAL DLL and Unit Tests with VC++ 8.0 and run on
Windows CE 5.0 system with success, but Command Prompt is required (at
least ATM).

Finally, at the beginning of December, when new GDAL release will be
out, you may expect improved GDAL port for Windows CE.

Mateusz Loskot

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