[Gdal-dev] saving Raster Attribute Table in HFA format

LALLAURET Fabrice - <SSII> fabrice.lallauret at thalesgroup.com
Mon Nov 20 11:51:08 EST 2006

I need to save some attributes in a thematic img file like class name 
and histogram values. In gdal 1.3.2, only the colortable is saved in the 
img file.
I've made some modifications in the HFA format code in order to be able 
to save the RAT data and it seems to work (I've open my new files with 
success in ERDAS Imagine).
I can send my modifications but I think  it's too "hardcoded" to be 
incorporated "as is" and not philosophically correct with the other 
module format.

What can I do ?


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