[Gdal-dev] input format

Matt Hanson mhanson at photon.com
Mon Nov 20 14:13:42 EST 2006

>> Matt Wrote:
>> In the case of ENVI files (and similar formats that use secondary files) it
>> seems that it would make more sense to allow the user to open the hdr file
>> rather then the binary file, because while the binary file format could be
>> ambiguous, the hdr file would not be.

> Frank Wrote:
> Perhaps.   But changing something like this would cause a lot of disruption
> to existing users.

What about adding the ability to pass in the hdr file OR the binary file name?   This wouldn't affect current users, but would add a little more control in those cases where files would work with multiple formats.

Of course, unregistering extra drivers will certainly work too which is what I'll use for now.


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