[Gdal-dev] Announcing Beam

Niles, Rick fniles at mitre.org
Sun Nov 26 20:04:54 EST 2006

I've used the GDAL library at MITRE for a number of years in a program
I wrote to determine the coverage of aeronautical radio navigation aids
and RADAR.  I've just received permission to release this code as Free
Softare and have uploaded it to SourceForge.  The programs are called
Beam and I-Beam, but they're listed under the keyword "raybeam" since
the other two were already taken.   Also, please understand this
program has mostly been used by myself and only a few other individuals
and that I'm the only one that has set it up.  Therefore, please be
patient with it.  It has lots of dependancies and it still quite
fragile to things not going as expected.  However, I'm really hoping
someone else here might be interested enough to not only check it out,
but help improve it.

  Thanks for checking it out in advance and thanks for GDAL.  

Note: it's stored under subversion, and I'm new to this, so hopefully
you'll be able to check it out from the repository, if not, let me know
and I'll try to fix it ASAP.

   Rick Niles.
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