[Gdal-dev] warping MODIS data with gdal

guillaume huby guillaume.huby.lists at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 09:45:13 EST 2006

> Unfortunately, gdalwarp still fails to reproject this MODIS data
> accurately. I looked into Charles Wivell's suggestion that this might be
> related to confusion between geodetic and geocentric latitudes. I used
> the +geoc parameter in proj4, but I still have incorrectly reprojected
> data.
> I'm at a dead-end. If anyone figures out a fix to this, please post!
> Thanks for the responses.
Hi Steve,

I also met this problem using different MODIS products with gdal. My
solution was to switch to MRT or HEG.
HDF-EOS switched from Integerized sinusoïdal projection to sinusoïdal
projection between release 3 and release 4 of HDF-EOS.
Maybe the shift is linked to this change ?

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