[Gdal-dev] Wanted: More speed to JPEG2000

Rahkonen Jukka Jukka.Rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Wed Nov 29 04:42:40 EST 2006

Matt wrote:
>Hi Jukka, I note from your stats that the TIFF process at 246 images
>minute is double the closest competitor, ECW at 123. Is that tiff with 
>or without compression? What I'm wondering is if for archival purposes 
>tiff might be the best lossless route.

Hi Matt,
Those are tiled, without compression, and with overviews even those do
not matter in my test because I am hitting the full resolution to keep
things as simple as possible.  For archiving I am satisfield with
JPEG2000. The slow performance of JPEG2000 discussed in this thread
concerns just the use through server and especially GDAL/MapServer
route.  In local use JPEG2000 performs great.  Well, unfortunately not
with all software, including many market leading GIS-packages.  But if
you are willing to serve lossless archive images with Mapserver I
believe compressed TIFFs would be better choice that JPEG2000.  I am
awaiting with my archive for the streaming geospatial JPIP server and
usable JPIP clients :)
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