[Gdal-dev] no sucess trying to build ECW for GDAL

John Johnson jdjohnso at google.com
Tue Oct 3 13:50:13 EDT 2006

> I'm under SuSE 10.1 machine trying to build ECW toolkit and then build
> against it but got no sucess.

Two comments:

(1)  The are three places in the ECW source code where functions are
declared in the class body that contain the class name as a qualifier. Newer
versions of gcc don't like this.

-    void CNCSJPCMarker::operator=( const class CNCSJPCMarker& src );
+    void operator=( const class CNCSJPCMarker& src );

(2) BEWARE, ECW decompression is horribly broken in MT apps on linux. The
ECW folks off-handedly admit the problem and with each release of ECW, they
claim to have cleaned up their posix threading code. Sometimes the crashes
get a little less frequent. But I can _never_ run ECW decompression in a MT
app for more than 2 minutes before the thread I/o structures start getting
corrupted. Note, this has nothing to do with using GDAL from multiple
threads. These are apps with one dedicated thread for all things GDAL, and
ECW still clobbers my other threads.
If you're trying this for a single threaded app, please ignore my comments
as the ravings of somebody who's spent _way_ too much time on this issue.
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