[Gdal-dev] easy way to create tile index of dted (dt0) files?

Holger Wilken wilken at ohb-system.de
Fri Oct 6 03:16:52 EDT 2006

I want to create a tile index of dted files (dt0) as a shapefile (shp), to show the boundaries of dted cells on my map.

So far, I have succeeded in using the steps:
- generate a file with all dt0 filenames (dir /b /s *.dt0 > all_dt0.txt)
- use the DOS FOR command in combination with gdal_translate and the all_dt0.txt file to build a geotiff for each dt0 file
- use gdaltindex on the resulting tif files to create a tile index.

my question: is there another (faster) way to create the tile index directly out of the dt0 files, without the detour via tif? 

thanks in advance


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