[Gdal-dev] OGDI driver with GDAL-ogr

Jacolin Yves yjacolin at free.fr
Tue Oct 10 04:51:43 EDT 2006


I try to build GDAL-OGR with the OGDI driver. I want to use VMAP0 and 
transform these layers to shapefile then in mapserver.

First I try to use the libogdi binaire from my distribution (Mandriva2006). I 
success to connect to but I get 0 feature ! Altough in VPFviewer I get much 

After looking for in the mailing list, I read that my OGDI driver may be a 
little bit too old, so I build the last one (OGDI-3.1.5). I build again 
gdal-ogr and ... altough all seems ok,  I get this error message :

[yjacolin at TI-PC2 ~]$ gdalinfo
Exception en point flottant

I can not translate this, because I do not understand it in french :-/, 
something like "exception in floating point" may be?!

Anybody can help me ? Thanks in advance.


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