[Gdal-dev] problem about "RasterI O"

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Oct 10 12:46:44 EDT 2006

qq wrote:
> Hi Warmerdam:
>     The first file I tried to read is a .tif about 70M. Another file is 
> a  .img
> file about 10M. Both those two files can be opend by ArcGIS software. 
> But I failed to read them by GDAL. Are the parameters which i set in 
> RasterIO wrong ?


>From what you wrote there is no obvious problem in the code.  But
I am surprised that CPLMalloc() returned NULL for pData.  This should
never happen.  Even if the allocation fails, it is supposed to report
an out of memory condition and call exit().  What are the values for xsize
and ysize?

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