[Gdal-dev] troubleshooting "Option -prjwin incomplete, or not recognised."

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Fri Oct 13 12:13:27 EDT 2006

> The problem is that the supported option is "-projwin", not "-prjwin".  :-)

! Oh for the love of $DIETY !!

> It was you that implemented this option, right?

sigh, well it was at my request. that's two for two now I believe. i 
need a memory upgrade or something. :)

(((some history for the onlookers: a number of months ago I asked for 
help on another option, also implemented at my request. 'twas --optfile 
I believe. see? how bad is that? I don't even remember the particulars 
of the last embarassing moment! )))

be well,
be happy,
be memorious!

matt wilkie
Geographic Information,
Information Management and Technology,
Yukon Department of Environment
10 Burns Road * Whitehorse, Yukon * Y1A 4Y9
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