[Gdal-dev] OpenEV/FWTools 1.5 - crash in software rendering mode

Maciej Sieczka sieczka at biol.uni.wroc.pl
Wed Oct 18 05:22:27 EDT 2006


OpenEV from FWTools 1.5, on Ubuntu dapper, in software rendering mode,
crashes opening any data (tif/png/shapefile I tried) and the following
error is printed:

/home/shoofi/bin/FWtools/bin/openev: line 25:  9336 Illegal instruction
    ${OPENEV_HOME}/bin/python ${OPENEV_HOME}/pymod/openev.py "$@"

No crashes in -h(ardware) mode... Only that in -h mode the following
warnings are issued, I don't know if that's OK:

Setup for user installed hardware acceleration

Gdk-WARNING **: Missing charsets in FontSet creation

Gdk-WARNING **:     JISX0208.1983-0

Gdk-WARNING **:     KSC5601.1987-0

Gdk-WARNING **:     GB2312.1980-0

Gdk-WARNING **:     JISX0201.1976-0


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