[Gdal-dev] ERDAS IMG .aux file

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Oct 24 13:07:56 EDT 2006

flightline wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Do you have hfatest.exe with you. May I request a copy?
> The .ovr file I have has an EHFA Header Tag
> and I can't figure it out.
> Unfortunately I can't send you a sample but have requested for another 
> sample set.
> Any / all help with the tag and decoding it's contents is welcome


It isn't terribly convenient to send you a hfatest executable.  Can you
download GDAL and build it?  If so, then you can cd into gdal/frmts/hfa
and specifically build hfatest.  On linux:

  make hfatest

on windows:

  nmake /f makefile.vc hfatest.exe

If this is impractical, I can build a hfatest.exe that should work with
the last FWTools build for windows.

Best regards,
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