[Gdal-dev] Visual Studio 2005, GDAL and Manifests

Simon Perkins sy at perkins.net
Wed Oct 25 15:14:06 EDT 2006


Yep, that's a possible approach. Still, it does require me to remember
to copy those DLLs to whatever application debug and release directories
I'm currently working on. If I have more than one application (in
different solutions), that depend upon the GDAL, then I have to remember
to copy the DLLs to all applications that might need it.

Currently, what I do is have a little script that copies DLLs from my
GDAL release and debug build directories into a central location (e.g.
c:\dev\usr\bin) that is on my path. That central location also acts as a
convenient staging area for all the things that are eventually going to
get wrapped up into a windows installer.



On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 07:49:54 -0700, "Craig Miller"
<craig.miller at spatialminds.com> said:
> Personally I copy the files into my applications Debug/Release directory.
> That way I know for sure what versions of the DLLs are being used by my
> application.  Just one way to help manage DLL hell.
> It also means that I can use experimental or unstable versions of 3rd
> party
> DLLs in my development application while using stable release versions
> with
> installed software.
> --Craig
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> Ben Discoe wrote:
> > Not to flog a dead horse here, but i do have something useful to add:
> >   
> Oh, there's a little life in this horse still... :)
> > You can put your debug and release DLLs (e.g. gdal.dll and gdald.dll) 
> > in the same folder on your path so there is nothing to switch.
> >   
> Yes, I see that the naming convention idea does help significantly here. 
> One question: do you build GDAL and then manually copy the DLLs from the
> release or debug directories (as appropriate) into a common directory
> that
> is on your PATH? Or do you modify the GDAL build configurations so that
> both
> debug and release versions get built in the same directory, and then put
> _that_ on your path (if that is even possible)? I'm just trying to
> automate
> as much as possible...
> Cheers,
> Sy
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