[Gdal-dev] Renaming the Perl modules

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Sun Oct 29 16:25:52 EST 2006

I suggest that for the next release the Perl binding modules are renamed 
to follow the standard Perl naming practises. The new module names 
would/could be:

gdal => Geo::GDAL
gdalconst => Geo::GDAL::Const
ogr => Geo::OGR
osr => Geo::OSR

Thus we would override the existing Geo::GDAL name, which currently 
refers to the now obsolete old module. I also own the Geo::GDAL name in 

Does anybody have a good idea of what to put to CPAN, since the actual 
modules will be in gdal distribution?

I have a fancy design of more Perlish modules, but it is likely to be an 
alternative to the more "raw" swig API. On the other hand, these name 
changes should be done in any case.

Any comments?


Prof. Ari Jolma
Geoinformaatio- ja paikannustekniikka
Geoinformation and positioning technology
Teknillinen Korkeakoulu / Helsinki University of Technology
POBox 1200, 02015 TKK, Finland
Email: ari.jolma at tkk.fi URL: http://www.tkk.fi/~jolma

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