[Gdal-dev] RE: ogr2ogr geodatabase translation

Randy George rkgeorge at cadmaps.com
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            Revisiting the problem I'm experiencing using ogr2ogr 1.4.0 in
FWTools 1.1.3 to translate USGS NHD data into PostGIS.


Looking at a typical NHDArea table of the geodatabase mdb it appears that
the Shape field's internal 'Shape Type' is listed as 19. Unless there has
been a recent change, I don't think the shp format has a type 19. I ran a
test conversion to svg with my own translator forcing .shp type 19 to a type
5 (Polygon) and I get valid polygon <paths>?


Has ESRI added an additional "Shape Type" to the list? 


If shp type 19 is unknown to the ogr translator that would explain the empty
geometry columns and sporadic empty geometry fields.






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            I am attempting to translate some NHD data from
ftp://nhdftp.usgs.gov/SubRegions/ using ogr2ogr 1.4.0 in FWTools 1.1.3, but
having some problems.


The NHD data comes as ESRI geodatabase .mdb files. I was excited to see that
ogr2ogr now supportsESRI geodatabase mdb format and ran the following:


ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL PG:"user=user dbname=NHD host=localhost
password=password port=5432" D:\NHD\NHDH0101\NHDH0101.mdb


The translation went smoothly without apparent error resulting in a set of
tables with geometry_columns entries:
















However, several of the tables, not all, have empty wkb_geometry columns. In
addition a couple of tables have incompletely translated wkb_geometry with
only some rows containing data.


I then tried using an ODBC DSN:

ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL -update -overwrite PG:"user=user dbname=NHD
host=localhost password=password port=5432" PGeo:NHD Basin 

but the Basin.wkb_geometry was still empty. The Access mdb file appears to
have long binary data in a Shape column.


Perhaps individual tables need to be translated with a specified geom


Is a log generated by an ogr2ogr translation?







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