[Gdal-dev] Block size consistency (and SetColorInterpretation() in GTiff)

Ozy Sjahputera sjahputerao at missouri.edu
Wed Feb 7 13:43:04 EST 2007

Yes, big bummer on the performance drop after replacing WriteBlock and 
ReadBlock with RasterIO. But I cannot afford having "incorrect" data 
that will screw up my colleagues further down in the pipeline.  So, we 
may have to do parallel processing stuff for this. 

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Ozy Sjahputera wrote:
>> You are probably right.  I am just trying to rule out any possible 
>> source of image "shift" that I am seeing.
>> Using RasterIO instead of block write/read seems to increase my 
>> computation time by 40-50%.  If I find the source of error to be 
>> something else unrelated to block size, I will go back to using 
>> blockWrite/Read.  Still looking now.
> Ozy,
> Whew, that is substantial overhead.  I'm surprised, and somewhat
> disappointed.
>> Frank, one more thing, when I use "Create()" from "GTiff" driver, I 
>> cannot assign the band name in the new image using :         
>> dstBand->SetColorInterpretation(srcBand->GetColorInterpretation());
>> I always get :    ERROR 6: SetColorInterpretation() not supported for 
>> this dataset. However, the first band in the new image seems to have 
>> "gray" as the band name, while others are "undefined" due to the 
>> error above.
>> But I can do SetColorInterpretation() above if I use "Create()" from 
>> "MEM" driver.
>> Is this a limitation of GTiff driver in GDAL now?  Is there a way I 
>> can assign the band name after using "Create()" from GTiff driver?
> There is a distinct concept of band names (descriptions).  But here
> you just seem interested in photometric intepretation.
> The GeoTIFF driver has very limited support for setting the photometric
> interpretation of bands after the file has been created.   I think the
> only aspect of this that actually does something is if you set an
> extra band to be alpha, it records that in the TIFF file.
> If you would like a 3 or more band file to have a TIFF level photometric
> interpretation of RGB you can set it using the PHOTOMETRIC=RGB creation
> option at Create() time.
> This is an example of a situation where Create() then modify doesn't
> work well due to lots of stuff getting locked down at the point the
> create is completed.
> Best regards,

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