[Gdal-dev] FOSS4G 2007 Call for Workshops

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Thu Feb 8 04:25:27 EST 2007

Frank Warmerdam kirjoitti:
> Ari Jolma wrote:
>> Is there any interest in proposing a generic GDAL/OGR scripting
>> workshop? Would it work out or would there be too much of confusion
>> among all the languages?
>> I'd be interested in such or, if that does not work out, then in a
>> workshop, which would focus on Perl bindings + the things that I have
>> built on top of GDAL/OGR and its bindings, perhaps especially on GTK
>> and GTK-Perl and my GTK-Perl Geo stuff.
> Ari,
> I have been kicking around the idea of a "raster data processing with GDAL"
> workshop that would first cover work with the commandline tools, and then
> finish with some not-too-challenging scripting.  However, if I were to
> do that
> I'd likely do the scripting aspect in Python.

Ok, I think I'd be in fact more interested in the GTK stuff, so perhaps
I'm going to focus my workshop on "building (small, simple) graphical
Geo-Apps (fast)". If OpenEV, especially GTK2 OpenEV developers read
this, I'd be glad to join forces / accept input from the Python side of
GUI app development with GTK.

I'd be glad to help with the raster data processing with GDAL workshop.
At least to to have the word "Perl" mentioned there :)


> Best regards,

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