[Gdal-dev] ogr2ogr export from postgis to esri incorrectly exports attributes

Dan Moore mooreds at mooreds.com
Wed Feb 14 12:08:12 EST 2007

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for the pointer to that doc.

Since the ESRI driver only supports "Only Integer, Real and String field 
types," does that mean that date types are not supported?  If so, should 
I just map those date types to strings with a view?  I see some of the 
date data (for example, contractdate) in the shapefile output.

I also verified that all of the data is contained in the field (ie, 
there are no addresses longer than 100 characters).

The document says "Attribute names can only be up to 12 characters long. 
Longer names will be silently truncated. This may result in non-unique 
column names, which will definitely cause problems later."

However, I'm seeing attribute names truncated at 10 characters.  I did 
have some columns that were not unique in the first 10 characters, so I 
renamed them, but I still see shifted and missing data.

I've attached a zip file containing a shapefile with the erroneous 
output I'm seeing.

The issue begins right after garagedesc.  Since ogr2ogr exports the 
fields in alphabetic order, I looked at both garagedesc and heatsystem 
in light of the document Ethan mentioned.  I couldn't see anything 

Here's the table I'm trying to export as an esri file.

db=> \d real_estate_data
              Table "public.real_estate_data"
        Column       |          Type           | Modifiers
  dataset_id         | integer                 | not null
  latitude           | real                    | not null
  longitude          | real                    | not null
  precision          | character varying(100)  |
  address            | character varying(100)  |
  city               | character varying(100)  |
  state              | character varying(2)    |
  zip                | character varying(10)   |
  subdivision        | character varying(200)  |
  mlsnumber          | character varying(20)   |
  liststatus         | character varying(20)   |
  baths              | character varying(4)    |
  bedrooms           | character varying(4)    |
  sqfttotal          | integer                 |
  level              | character varying(100)  |
  privatepool        | character varying(1)    |
  remarks            | character varying(2000) |
  garagedesc         | character varying(500)  |
  lotsize            | character varying(100)  |
  coolsystem         | character varying(200)  |
  heatsystem         | character varying(200)  |
  construction       | character varying(200)  |
  yearbuilt          | integer                 |
  elemschdist        | integer                 |
  highschdist        | integer                 |
  schoolelem         | character varying(100)  |
  schoolhigh         | character varying(100)  |
  schooljunior       | character varying(100)  |
  listdate           | date                    |
  contractdate       | date                    |
  closeddate         | date                    |
  offmarketdate      | date                    |
  daysonmarket       | integer                 |
  listpriceorig      | integer                 |
  listprice          | integer                 | not null
  salesprice         | integer                 |
  percentoflistprice | real                    |
  the_geom           | geometry                |


Ethan Alpert wrote:
> Dan,
> It may be helpful to post the schema. You're dumping from. I have in the
> past created views with data type casts in order to produce shapefiles
> with the values I expect.
> See the docs on the shapefile driver. There's a section that begins:
> "Shapefile feature attributes are stored in an associated .dbf file, and
> so attributes suffer a number of limitations:"
> -e
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> Hi folks,
> First off, I'm pretty new to this toolset, so please forgive me if I use
> incorrect terminology.
> I'm using ogr2ogr to turn some data in a PostGIS database (8.1.4) into 
> an ESRI shapefile.  The data has about 25 fields, and when I open up the
> dbf file in excel, they are exported incorrectly.  Lat/lngs are exported
> correctly, but the other attributes are not.  All the values are there, 
> but they are offset.  Some are smashed together.  This is also apparent 
> when I view the exported ESRI file in QGIS (0.8).
> For example, I'll have fields (| separates fields)
> lat|lng|address|beds|bath|garage|heating|remarks|listprice
> and the values don't align:
> 2.3|3.4|222 Canyon Blvd|2|2|||nice garagecentral heating||remarks...|123
> Here you can see that the garage and heating sections were smashed 
> together, and some extra fields were put in before the garage data. 
> This happens after the twelfth column in the export.  The last few 
> fields are not in the export (they're pushed off by the blank columns).
> This happens whether or not I have a where clause on this export.  I 
> also tried exporting a few other tables in this database, and the 
> attribute shifting didn't happen to either one.  Neither of those tables
> had as many columns as this one, however.
> Here's the output of the command when I run it with --debug on:
> $ ogr2ogr --debug on -where " dataset_id = 25 " -f "ESRI Shapefile" 
> out.shp PG:"user=user dbname=db password=pass" data
> OGR_PG: DBName="db"
> OGR_PG: PostSIS version string: '1.1 USE_GEOS=1 USE_PROJ=1 USE_STATS=1' 
> -> '1.1'
> OGR_PG: Layer 'data' geometry type: POINT:Point, Dim=2
> OGR_PG: Layer 'roads' geometry type: MULTILINESTRING:Multi Line String, 
> Dim=2
> OGR: OGROpen(PG:user=user dbname=db password=pass/xxxxx) succeeded as 
> PostgreSQL.
> AsEWKT("the_geom"), "address", "baths", "bedrooms", "city", 
> "closeddate", "construction", "contractdate", "coolsystem", 
> "dataset_id", "daysonmarket", "garagedesc", "heatsystem", "latitude", 
> "level", "listdate", "listprice", "listpriceorig", "liststatus", 
> "longitude", "lotsize", "mlsnumber", "offmarketdate", 
> "percentoflistprice", "precision", "privatepool", "remarks", 
> "salesprice", "schooldistrictelem", "schooldistricthigh", "schoolelem", 
> "schoolhigh", "schooljunior", "sqfttotal", "state", "subdivision", 
> "yearbuilt", "zip" FROM "data" WHERE  dataset_id = 25  )
> PG: 11157 features read on layer 'data'.
> However, an export to mapinfo seems to work (the attributes are all 
> there), and an ogr2ogr from the exported mapinfo file to an ESRI file 
> seems to preserve the attributes.  So I can use this workaround, but 
> would prefer to understand the real problem.  (As an aside, the mapinfo 
> export gives this error message:
> ERROR 1: IMapInfoFile::CreateField() called with unsupported field type 
> 9. Note that Mapinfo files don't support list field types.)
> I googled against this list, but didn't find anything that referenced 
> this particular problem.
> I couldn't figure out the version of ogr2ogr, but this is at the bottom 
> of the man page:
> GDAL                       13 Apr 2006                 ogr2ogr(1)
> Has anyone seen such behavior?  Can you recommend any other debugging 
> steps (can I turn on debugging more)?  Removing columns and seeing what 
> happens? Should I try to upgrade the GDAL tools?  Any other suggestions 
> are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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