[Gdal-dev] custom reclass/remap using gdal_translate

Gregory, Matthew matt.gregory at oregonstate.edu
Tue Feb 20 14:07:08 EST 2007

I did a *brief* review of the mailing lists and didn't see this question
addressed, although I'm sure someone has come up with a good solution.

I'm trying to create standard 8-bit unsigned geotiffs from a variety of
source data types (signed/unsigned ints, floats, etc.).  I would like
the output range on all images to look like:

0: No data
1-255: Scaled minimum/maximum of my projwin

Sample input includes (clipped from gdalinfo):

Driver: AIG/Arc/Info Binary Grid
Size is 11667, 9402
Band 1 Block=256x4 Type=Int16, ColorInterp=Undefined
  Minimum=148.000, Maximum=2887.000, Mean=1060.775, StdDev=452.013
  NoData Value=-32768

Driver: AIG/Arc/Info Binary Grid
Size is 11667, 9402
Band 1 Block=256x4 Type=Byte, ColorInterp=Undefined
  Minimum=0.000, Maximum=254.000, Mean=168.005, StdDev=43.652
  NoData Value=255

I have two questions:

1) Is there a standard algorithm for determining the min/max of a window
within an image.  I assume that you could get there by iterating over
the tiles that make up that window, but I didn't know if there was a
more elegant way that I was overlooking.

2) Is there functionality to provide a kind of "remap" table for
assigning src values to dst values?  For example, in the second image
provided above I would want to scale the range of the input values 0:254
to output values 1:255 and then convert input value 255 to output value
0.  Unless I'm overlooking something very obvious in gdal_translate,
this isn't straightforward because giving the options "-scale 0 254 1
255 -a_nodata 255" would first scale the data as desired but would then
turn the original 254s into No Data and the No Data value would still be

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