[Gdal-dev] ogr2ogr on solaris 10: too large a file?

Peter.Rushforth at statcan.ca Peter.Rushforth at statcan.ca
Tue Feb 20 15:56:56 EST 2007

Hi Frank and List,

> It does seem likely that the 32bit (<2GB) file API is being 
> used and is responsible for this problem.  However, the GML 
> reader uses Xerces so the issue (I think) would be what API 
> Xerces uses since we just pass it the filename from OGR.
> I haven't tried such a large file, and I don't know what 
> would be involved in getting it working.

As it turns out, man lfcompile on solaris tells you how to
compile with large file support enabled.  I re-configure-d
and re-compiled gdal with the 
to the configure command.  I also re-configured and
compiled xerces 2.7 with similar compiler options and this
seems to allow me to access gml files > 2Gb.

In fact I tried just recompiling xerces with the large file
support without doing the same to gdal, and ogr2ogr still
ignored the large file.  Having compiled ogr2ogr with the
above flags seems to have resolved the problem.

I hope this information proves useful to someone else, too.


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