[Gdal-dev] Format limitations in 64-bit architecture

Ozy Sjahputera sjahputerao at missouri.edu
Wed Feb 28 14:05:07 EST 2007


 From the list of file formats currently supported by GDAL, GeoTIFF is 
listed to have a 4 GB size limit.  Is this limitation due to the assumed 
32-bit machine?  Or, will the size limit be bigger if we use a 64-bit 
machine and OS?

What about other formats such as NITF and MEM?  Because the data type 
size_t in a 32-bit system is defined as a 4-byte type, whereas in a 
64-bit system it is defined as an 8-byte.   Does this mean the MEM 
format is not limited to 2 GB anymore once we  work in the 64-bit system?


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