[Gdal-dev] Format limitations in 64-bit architecture

Simon Perkins sy at perkins.net
Wed Feb 28 17:59:13 EST 2007

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Right.  I might be able to fix and test the MEM driver assuming my AMD64
> has enough swap space.  If you want to file a bug on it, that would be
> helpful.


>> I would think that there's a particular need for the NITF support to 
>> be fixed up - I've seen several NITF files larger than 4GB - though I 
>> don't unfortunately have any to hand that I could lend you for 
>> debugging. Anyone out there have one they could lend to Frank? Or 
>> does someone have NITF creation software that could be used to make 
>> such a file?
> Well, in fact the changes aren't that complicated.  If you, or someone 
> else
> has a large NITF file that doesn't currently work, I could prepare a 
> fix, and
> then have you test it.  No need to transport/release the file to me.  But
> the first step is to figure out if it currently works for the large file.
> In fact, for an image file with one image that starts before the 4GB (or
> perhaps 2GB) mark, but extends past the 4GB mark it would likely still 
> work.

If nobody else gets to it, I might see if we have some software that 
writes larger than 4GB NITF files and try to construct one. But if 
anyone out there has an actual real 5GB image with georeferencing, etc, 
that would probably be preferable.



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