[Gdal-dev] custom reclass/remap using gdal_translate

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Feb 28 20:27:24 EST 2007

Gregory, Matthew wrote:
> What I'm wondering is if there is a easier way of getting the
> subwindow's statistics without going through the process of creating the
> intermediate VRT file.  Is there some way of doing this through using
> VRTDriver.Create()?  Sorry to be so dense ...
> thanks, matt


I'm not sure that it is a lot easier, but you can construct the XML
as a string, and pass the XML to gdal.Open() without writing to an
intermediate file.  I am not aware of a way of using a bunch of
calls to create a subwindowed VRT dataset ... certain not any way that
is less complicated than constructing the XML yourself.

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