[Gdal-dev] Can't find GDAL source files for WinCE

=?gb2312?B?0OzA8s6w?= xuliwei at nudt.edu.cn
Wed Jan 3 07:10:06 EST 2007

Hi all:
   I'm trying to build gdal for Windows CE. I was reading the information on http://www.gdal.org/wince.html
 It said that I can download the official CVS repository. Follow instructions in
 CVS section on the GDAL download page. I tried to connect to the gdal server
 linux according to the instructions on the download page. But it lose connection
 after I type Enter for password.  And I cann't find the gdal source files for
 WinCE on the http://www.gdal.org/dl 
 I don't konw why? Anyone can help me? Thx~~~~~~~:)

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