[Gdal-dev] gdalwarp -rc -tr 250 250 ortho_*.tif overview.tif error

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jan 4 12:17:38 EST 2007

John Mitchell wrote:
> Hi,
> I run the following command:
> gdalwarp -rc -tr 250 250 ortho.tif overview.tif
> and I get the following error:
> Error 1:Attempt to create 0X0X3 TIFF, but width, height and bands must be positive.
> What do I need to add to my gdalwarp command?


It would be helpful to give a gdalinfo report on the input file.  You
also might want to try it without the -tr switch.  I suspect the
input file is in geographic coordinates and so you are requesting
an output with 250 degree x 250 degree pixels which results in a 0x0
file producing the error message.

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