[Gdal-dev] Man page fix

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Jan 7 17:23:40 EST 2007

Martin Spott wrote:
> To my experience the man page of gdal_contour should see a little fix:
> --- gdal_contour.1~	2007-01-07 19:26:48.049597139 +0100
> +++ gdal_contour.1	2007-01-07 19:26:48.049597139 +0100
> @@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
>  .PP
>  .PP
>  .nf
> -gdal_contour -a elev dem.tif contour.shp 10.0
> +gdal_contour -a elev dem.tif contour.shp -i 10.0
>  .fi


The man pages are generated from doc/gdal_utilities.dox and this seems
to have already been corrected for 1.4.0.  It reads:

This would create 10meter contours from the DEM data in dem.tif and produce
a shapefile in contour.shp/shx/dbf with the contour elevations in the "elev"

gdal_contour -a elev dem.tif contour.shp -i 10.0

\if man
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