[Gdal-dev] "gdalce.dll" & "gdalce_i.lib" for CE

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Tue Jan 9 08:04:17 EST 2007

Avi wrote:
> Hi,
> I compiled great the GDAL for Windows CE in VS8. I have these files
> gdalce.dll and gdalce_i.lib and all the other files in the
> C:\dev\proj\wince\msvc80\projce_dll\Pocket PC 2003 (ARMV4)\Debug
> 1) For work with these libraries  I add a reference to this .dll but
> doesn´t add  to my new project. Is the way to do it?


There are two options:

1. You can add gdalce_dll.vcproj + all its dependency projects to
solution of your application, in Visual C++ 2005 IDE, configure Project
Dependencies for your application adding gdalce_dll.vcproj as a
dependency. Then build all stuff together.

2. You can build gdalce.dll separately, as you've done it already.
Next, gdalce_i.lib to linker input of your application in which you are
going to use gdalce.dll. Also, put gdalce.dll on device or emulator to
the same folder as your application.

For example:

1. Copy gdalce.dll and gdalce_i.lib to C:\lib\gdalce
2. Open properties of your application project.
3. Go to Configuration Properties -> Linker
4. Add the C:\lib\gdalce path to Additional Library Directories
5. Go to Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input
6. Add gdalce_i.lib to Additional Dependencies

Now, your application should be able to import gdalce.dll exports

> 2) What´s necessary for work with C#?

You need to write P/Invoke wrapper for GDAL C API calls.
Mateusz Loskot

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