[Gdal-dev] Shapefile and SpatialRef problem

Gauthier,Jean-Philippe [CMC] Jean-Philippe.Gauthier at ec.gc.ca
Tue Jan 9 12:41:07 EST 2007

	You're right, I just added the \n in the .prj file and it works.
I did use gdal from fwtool 1.1.3 that I got this morning. Seems it going
to hev to be rebuilt.



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Gauthier,Jean-Philippe [CMC] wrote:
>         Just tried gdal 1.4.0 and a problem arise when using 
> OGR_L_GetSpatialRef to get the spatial reference of a previously 
> opened shapefile datasource. It returns NULL whathever
>         the shapefile. It does work for other file type like mid/mif.
>         Used to work with gdal 1.3.2
>          Any Idea ?


Can you be specific?  Perhaps file a bug including a dataset
demonstrating the problem, and indications of your platform, etc.

Note, there was a problem introduced just after the 1.4.0 release was
snapped that made it into the FWTools 1.1.3 release that resulted in
.prj files with no newline not being read properly.  There was also a
bug fixed before 1.4.0 was snapped with .prj files of a particular
length.  So I'm very nervous about this area of code, but I was under
the impression the release itself was clean.

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